Group Rules from the Admins

1) No Promotions or Spam

Self-promotion, live video/video, spam and irrelevant links are not allowed. A member who post any links, fb pages, etc. or who promotes themselves or somebody else’s services directly/indirectly will be banned immediately.

2) No call to actions

Do not give any call to actions in your posts, comments to other members or anything of this nature.

3) Seek to help others before asking for help

4) No negativity

No complaining of any kind. Always ask a question and look for help when you’re experiencing something challenging so you can improve. If you break any of the rules you will be banned without warning.

5) For Customers: Commenting/posting about offering people a referral

If you’re a current member of OpyruOne, please do not comment to anybody about giving them a discount or free trial – we follow the same rules put forth with no promotions for the rest of the Community.

6) No job seek

Anything related to job seek, hiring, or recruitment is not allowed in this group. We have a zero-tolerance policy. The member breaking this rule will be banned immediately.