15 Worst Hookup Stories In College. “Don’t give me a call father.”

Posted on December 4, 2021

15 Worst Hookup Stories In College. “Don’t give me a call father.”

It occurs, one second you’re obtaining time of your life at the club and BAM, your wake up next to a great 3, aided by the hazy mind of you puking through your Uber’s windows, inquiring the post-drunken self, “Did that actually result?” Check out of worst hookup stories in university folk in fact skilled. Thank You Tequila.

1. “Don’t give me a call father.”

Therefore I is downtown and watched this sorority chick that I could determine had no criteria. Very at the end of the night, I generated my personal action and she chose to come back beside me. When we returned to my personal dormitory we surely got to they and best when she had gotten above she known as me daddy. I don’t genuinely have a daddy fetish and it also threw me down but We allow it ago. A short while afterwards she labeled as me father once more and I also stated “If your call me daddy once more I’m throwing you out.” She laughed and stated “Ok daddy!” The next thing you are aware, we kick the woman completely and toss her garments out to the hallway and this’s the final energy I ever spotted the lady.

2. “He whipped out the handcuffs.”

I found myself talking-to he for a truly while and in addition we haven’t truly attempted any such thing therefore I chose one-night that we would attempt hand cuffs. Every little thing was supposed great and we’re entering it, so he whipped from handcuffs and a blindfold (had beenn’t expecting that). Therefore I’m handcuffed into bed with a blindfold on and everything is acquiring really rigorous. Subsequently suddenly, we use of give cuffs and my personal possession appear traveling up-and struck him square from inside the ears. Obviously, i’ven’t used handcuffs since because I’m frightened of just what will result next time.

3. “Crammed in like a will of sardines.”

I don’t care and attention a lot for haphazard hookups but being in my graduating 12 months of college, I made a decision to come out of my safe place for just one evening and provide it a go. I had a new roomie that seasons that just transferred therefore I thought it might be nice to get their completely and program the girl the hot places at all of our campus. Therefore we get to the party and everybody are crammed in like a can of sardines, therefore the sole lighting are from people’s cell phones. Two dudes contacted all of us and expected all of us to dancing. After that over time, I have a text from my good friend saying she demanded a ride home ASAP. The chap I found myself dancing with wished to incorporate myself. I desired to state no but I thought “Just what hell.”

We extract him in to the light in order to make sure that I wasn’t taking residence a blunder. Remarkably, he was hot. Thus I run grab my buddy who had been plastered, and she’s resting for the back-seat interrogating this person. Looks like this kid was 18, simply graduated from twelfth grade, and planning to go into the Navy. Right here Im thinking I’m taking room a pre-pubescent man who’s just of sufficient age buying himself a lottery admission. I made a decision to eradicate your and started scheming options. I finished up providing him house anyways and using the “fake asleep” thing. Long story short, we become hooking up that has beenn’t half worst. After we were completed, the guy started chatting and wouldn’t shut-up. So I chose to “pass around” to get him to depart me by yourself. One or two minutes later, we shit you not, the guy whispered during my ear, “I like you”. Easily ended up beingn’t stoned and fixed towards sleep, i’d’ve got out my personal screen head very first. Each day, I scrambled for this kid home while he’s wanting to encourage us to try to let your remain and just how he “wasn’t in a rush.” I lied and stated I was spending all day every day inside collection to cover my butt. I finally get Navy guy from inside the auto and decide to decrease him from the same place i discovered him. The guy desired to say so long and get my amounts but the time he left the automobile we sped off and didn’t review.

4. “He was conscious and read everything.”

So I see this lady at a social the first sunday of freshman season. We’re talking and whatever and she wants to go homeward with me however the personal is exposed in addition to women must allow along for reasons uknown. So she departs and it is texting me stating she wants to arrive more. So I return to my dorm discover my buddy seated outside my personal doorway plastered. He informs me which he fallen and unintentionally banged his place card under his door. I’m like “Dude I got a woman coming!” and he states he’ll sleep-in how to message someone on zoosk vs okcupid the dresser, therefore I toss him a pillow in which he goes aided by the doorway half-shut with his legs protruding. We believed my personal roommate had been asleep since it had been dark and he was dealing with the wall so I possess girl arrive more. We get together as well as the overnight my personal roomie tells me he had been awake and heard the whole thing.

5. ” I experienced to do the go of pity a distance back into my apartment for the area.”

And this one time I got way too intoxicated and ended up going home with this guy. After setting up, I finished up fainting within his bed. I woke in the after that day buttocks ass nude, freezing and moist. I was thus intoxicated I’d peed inside the bed. I’d to walk a mile house from inside the city demonstrably showing the walk of embarrassment. It had been dreadful.

6. “Alexa!”

One-time after an event, I decided to visit home with this godly appearing frat man. We get to their residence and facts immediately start getting deep. He lasted possibly 2 moments and passed away out on leading of me. I had to push him off so very hard, the guy fell off the bed onto the floor nevertheless performedn’t awaken. It’s my job to don’t manage sleepovers but I found myself also intoxicated to even hop from the sleep thus I made an effort to render myself personally relaxed. After about 20 minutes when trying to visit sleep, I get up to him shouting “Alexa!” and I’m thinking “What in fuck?”. He’d the Amazon “Alexa” and asked the girl to “make scrambled egg with bacon bitch.”

7. “I punched him right for the nose.”

Went house or apartment with this GORGEOUS chap after an event one-night. We strike it well quickly. He had been extremely hot, good, amusing, and was continuously dealing with their families. We end returning to his destination and fucking. He begged to possess gender without a condom and because I was drunk also on medicine we stupidly assented. The intercourse had been incredible. Like, I’m talking, sweat flowing down the body, panting, hot, hot gender. Half-way through, the guy initiate writing about their brother’s child and how he wound up getting a random hook-up pregnant and from now on they’re madly in love and how he can’t waiting to get like their buddy and start to become a good dad. I right strike this person inside nostrils and obtain blood all over my personal chest. We ended up hardly getting my personal bra on before not having enough their dormitory with only undergarments in side of his whole dormitory lounge.


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